CSR Guideline in Abu Dhabi

This Guideline has been developed for the social sector and its affiliates, semi-government and the private sector operating in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Foster Care

An introductory letter to families wishing to foster children of different ages and categories, in addition to children with disabilities.

Fundraising Policy

Through this policy, you can learn about the department’s competencies regarding organizing, licensing, controlling and supervising fundraising activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Parent's Guide to Mental Wellbeing

A guide to support parents understanding and management of mental wellbeing and empower them to lead a psychologically healthy life.

Professional Competency Assessment - Public - 2022

To ensure licensing of professionals against global and world class standards, we have developed competency-based assessments as part of the DCD licensing service.

Social Sector Achievements Report 2019-2021

The Abu Dhabi Social Sector Achievements Report 2019-2021, measuring the impact of various initiatives and programmes in the emirate. The report outlines the achievements made by government entities to improve quality of life across seven themes: social assistance, housing, family cohesion, social inclusion, sports and recreation, and community engagement and volunteering, and national identity.

Volunteering Services

A Guide to Volunteering Services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi | First Edition 2023

Abu Dhabi Integrated Strategy to Combat Addiction (2022-2024)

The brochure covers the objective of the strategy and the basis for its activation, in addition to the main pillars addressed

SCPL Code of Conduct  Ethics ENG
Social Care Professional Licensing - Code of Conduct and Ethics

This document has been developed to protect the rights of the beneficiaries, define the duties, consolidate the basic values and principles and regulate the professional practices of Social Care Professionals in Abu Dhabi

Social Care Professional Licensing - Regulations & Procedures Manual

This Manual has been developed to establish the licensing process and the requirements for Social Care Professionals to be licensed to practice within the Emirate.

Social Care Professional Licensing - Standards for Continuing Professional Development

This document has been developed to serve as the reference document that clearly describes all aspects relating to the learning activities and provide guidance to all Social Care Professionals in Abu Dhabi

SCPL Standards for Education  Practical Experience ENG
Social Care Professional Licensing - Standards for Education & Practical Experience

This document has been developed to define the categories and detail the educational qualifications and practical experience a Social Care Professional must possess in order to be licensed in Abu Dhabi

life after corona survey english
Life During Corona Virus Survey Report

The Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi launched in early April 2020 a survey on life during the Coronavirus. This survey is aimed at analyzing the consequences of the spread of the virus in the emirate, assessing the community’s lifestyle during this time, and submitting findings to decision-makers to formulate strategic solutions and initiatives that will help overcome the challenges that citizens and residents may be facing in the emirate as a result of the pandemic.

POD Publication English
Supporting Children of Determination and their families during COVID -19 Guide

DCD presents this guide to provide parents of children of determination with information and practical resources that would enable them to support their children’s well-being, as well as promote development and learning by embedding countless learning opportunities throughout their daily routines and interactions and therefore to make the most of the time spent at home.

volunteering publication english
Volunteering Policy

This Policy aims to create an efficient and effective voluntary environment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Annual Report_Eng
DCD Annual Report 2019

The report display Abu Dhabi's Social Sector Achievements for 2019

Letters of Hope Cover_Eng
Letters of Hope

Letters & Initiatives of Religious Leaderships against COVID-19


White paper-Eng
Unraveling the Potential of Social Innovation in Abu Dhabi

This white paper aims to clarify what social innovation entails as a globally rising tool to combat social challenges.

Brand Guidelines

DCD logo_Thumbnail
DCD Brand Guideline

This toolkit contains the brand guidelines that enable you to use the brand in the best way possible. We know that every challenge is different, so
instead of giving you detailed templates for every possible use, we have simply defined some best practice rules to guide and inspire your every project.

POD Booklet English
Abu Dhabi Strategy for POD Brand Guideline

This toolkit contains Abu Dhabi Strategy for People of Determination identity that enable you to use the identity in the best way possible.

Volunteering Brand Guideline

This toolkit contains Volunteering identity that enable you to use the identity in the best way possible.

Abu Dhabi Government news

For the latest updates on what’s happening in Abu Dhabi

Our dedicated media centre is where you’ll find information, images, and videos on the activities of the Department of Community Development. The material found here is freely available, and can be used for press purposes.

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