As the custodian of Abu Dhabi’s social sector agenda, we strive to raise the quality of services in the sector, create an inclusive and cohesive society in the Emirate, provide opportunities and services for all individuals in Abu Dhabi to grow economically and socially, build integrated communities, and ensure a decent standard of living for all members of the community.


Our Vision

Dignified life for all

Our Mission

To promote a sustainable society and economy that is transparent and responsive to the needs of Abu Dhabi’s diverse and growing community, through the active participation of all local agencies.

Our Values

We are guided by the values of respect, credibility, empathy, responsibility, passion for giving, and kindness.

The Department of Community Development works towards three main ambitions:

  • A decent standard of living for every member of the community
  • A tolerant and inclusive society founded on cohesive families
  • An active and responsible community

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