Supplier Registration

Our Procurement activities are now executed through the Digital Marketplace, launched by the Department of Government Support and powered by SAP Ariba.

SAP Ariba is a collaborative, web-based tool that enables buyers and suppliers to manage procurement electronically. It provided a unique digital experience and enhances transparency and efficiency of public procurement.

Suppliers interested in doing business with us should register on SAP Ariba. The registration is a one-time activity centralized for all Abu Dhabi Government Entities. Please visit Becoming a Registered Supplier for more information.

Being successfully registered, suppliers are able to participate in the following procurement activities executed through SAP Ariba:

Tendering - Abu Dhabi Government Entities publish two types of tenders:

  • Public Tenders - All Public Tenders are published in the Digital Marketplace and are open to all suppliers. Please visit Public Tender List and filter by the Entity Name and category to see the list of relevant Public Tenders.
  • Limited Tenders - Suppliers invited to participate in Limited Tenders receive an invitation email and are able to see the specific sourcing event in their SAP Ariba dashboard.

Contracting - Contracts are now created, amended, and managed electronically shortening the cycle time and enhancing collaboration.


For any queries related to supplier registration, kindly email at

For any general inquiry, kindly email at 


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