During its participation at GITEX Global 2023, the Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi launched ‘Sharik’ platform, designed to organise general assemblies for public benefit associations licensed in Abu Dhabi. The platform aims to enhance community engagement among association members by facilitating in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings, ultimately improving the efficiency of decision-making processes.

The platform is characterised by its user-friendly features, ability to ensure swift election procedures and safeguarding information through the integration of each member’s digital identity upon entry. Additionally, it simplifies the registration and voting process for decisions, with members having access to meeting minutes upon the assembly's conclusion.

Saeed bin Amro, Social Control Manager at the DCD, said: “The entire world is embracing and investing in modern technology, using it to facilitate daily activities, reduce efforts, save time, and cut costs. We at the DCD are keen to keep pace with government trends in digital transformation, and automation in all aspects of work, so the general assembly meeting management platform ‘Sharik’ is a continuation of the department’s efforts to facilitate procedures and achieve great results with the least effort. Using ‘Sharik’ allows members to seamlessly hold their meetings and conduct elections without the need to personally be present at the meeting location.”

Bin Amro added: “The platform helps increase the effectiveness of social work and facilitates members’ participation in general assembly meetings. The development of ‘Sharik’ also reinforces the DCD’s dedication and continued efforts to improve the quality of services provided to clients. It also indicates its strategic role in ensuring the application of best practices and adherence to laws at the level of the emirate.”

He also pointed out that the DCD has taken the initiative to introduce the ‘Sharik’ platform to the public and shed light on its features, its mechanisms of action, and the impact of its use.

The platform also contributes to enhancing the use of modern technologies with the aim of improving the operations of the social sector, raising the efficiency of its performance and improving its services in line with the directions of the Abu Dhabi government in providing the highest levels of social services, ensuring a pioneering, distinguished and efficient social sector.

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