Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi is set to host the Social Sector Business Forum (SSBF) on November 22, with the goal of fostering collaboration and innovation among the social, private, and third sectors, enabling them to address crucial social challenges within the Abu Dhabi community.

Being held under the theme 'Fostering a Dignified Life for the Elderly in Abu Dhabi,' SSBF will also highlight DCD’s overarching commitment to promoting the financial, social and emotional well-being of the elderly population, in acknowledgement of their wisdom, knowledge and impact on society.

The forum will feature a series of engaging talks and sessions, with some of the highlights being an insightful think tank led by elderly individuals and the unveiling of collaborative strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the elderly in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, the forum will host the Wyakom 2.0 awarding ceremony, which will honour the winner of DCD’s initiative where the public was invited to provide innovative solutions to challenges faced by the elderly.

SSBF will witness the active participation of key stakeholders, thought leaders, and representatives from various sectors. Through their expertise and insights, sustainable solutions can be developed to solve pressing social challenges faced by Abu Dhabi’s community and thus build a cohesive, inclusive and responsible society.

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