Through this service, you can request to issue a initial approval for NGOs, provided that the NGO shall proceed with the registration procedure through the Ministry of Community Development to obtain a license

  • Service terms and conditions: Providing all required documents in accordance with the Federal Law No. (2) of 2008, regarding the Licensing of public interest associations & civil society foundations (NGO) with its amendments, and the Federal Decree Law No. (35) of 2020, which are available on the official websites.
  • Required Documents:
  1. Founders’ minutes of meeting | (Click Here)
  2. Minutes of the temporary committee meeting | (Click Here)
  3. Board of Trustees Minutes of Meeting - If the applicant is a foundation | (Click Here)
  4. Data form (founding members) | (Click Here)
  5. Data form (Board of Trustees members)- If the applicant is a foundation | (Click Here)
  6. A list of names of the founding members | (Click Here)
  7. A list of names of the Foundation's Board of Trustees - If the applicant is a foundation | (Click Here)
  8. The approved constitution of Association / Foundation | As Association (Click Here) - As Foundation (Click Here)
  9. Obtaining Initial approval from DCD
  10. Ministerial decree of publicity  for profit foundation and association by MOCD
  11. Copy of valid passport and Emirates ID of the members
  12. NGOs Registration from the Ministry Of community Development
  • Service Steps:
  1. Submit the application along with the required documents through the available channels  | TAMM platform - (Click here)
  2. Receive update unministerial decree of publicity from the concerned entities
  3. Receive the final approval on the request once completed


  • Beneficiaries: Citizens of the United Arab Emirates who are not less than (18) eighteen years old, of good conduct.
  • Service Channel: TAMM Platform - (Click here)
  • Service Fees: No Fees
  • Timeframe to receive the service: 33 Working Days
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