Through this service, you can request to issue No objection letter to  Add or Modify Bank Account Signatories with cooperation with MOCD

  • Service terms and conditions: Providing all required documents in accordance with the Federal Law No. (2) of 2008, regarding the Licensing of public interest associations & civil society foundations (NGO) with its amendments, and the Federal Decree Law No. (35) of 2020, which are available on the official websites.
  • Required Documents:
  1. Copy of valid passports and EID for authorized signatories
  2. Minutes of meeting of the General Assembly explaining the outcome of the Board of Directors elections
  3. Board meeting minutes explaining key positions within the Board
  • Service Steps:
  1. Submit the application along with the required documents through the available channels | TAMM platform  - (Click here)
  2. Receive the final approval on the request once completed


  • Beneficiaries: licensed NGOs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • Service Channel: TAMM Platform - (Click here)
  • Service Fees: No Fees
  • Timeframe to receive the service: 15 Working Days
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