Through this service, a place of worship can request to cancel its license for closure of the place of worship

  • Service terms and conditions: Place of Worship must be in Abu Dhabi.
  • Required Documents:
  1. Close Place Of Worship Form
  2. Board of Trustees Minutes of Meeting Form confirming and approving the request to close the place of worship
  3. Official closure request Letter explaining the reasons for closure
  4. Original financial audit reports for the past 2 years clarifying the revenues, expenditure and donations, bank account details, and bank statement for the past 2 years
  5. Legal liquidation report
  6. Proposed plan to settle outstanding financial commitments and distribution of any remaining assets, if available
  7. Required financial documents
  8. Clearance certificate issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization
  • Service Steps:
  1. Submit request to through email
  2. Submit the requirements /documents
  3. Initial approval will be granted
  4. Place of worship should announce the closure in the official newspapers and submit a copy to the Department of Community Development
  5. Receive Approval for Place of Worship Closure from the Department of Community Development before closing


  • Beneficiaries: Place of worship in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Service Channel: By sending email to: (
  • Service Fees: No Fees
  • Timeframe to receive the service: 60 working days
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