In line with our vision of promoting and ensuring a “Dignified life for all”, we are constantly monitoring the social care practice in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and are keen on ensuring that the highest quality of service is provided by competent, qualified and licensed practitioners.

The process of licensing professionals against global and high quality standards in education and training required helps safeguard our community against malpractice and promote ethical practice through competent professionals.

The licensing service will cover five social care professions:

  1. Psychologist (Non-Clinical)
    A professional who is involved in helping individuals address psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems without the capacity of prescribing medication. For the purpose of licensing, this includes professionals outside a medical setting who focus on helping individuals in evaluating the problem(s) they face and supporting them through developing and administering non-medical treatment plans to cope with the problem(s).
  2. Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA)
    A professional seeks to understand the cause of a behavior and apply interventions based on applied behavior analysis to address a wide range of social problems and behavior disorders.
  3. Psychotherapist
    A Professional who supports individuals and is qualified to provide treatment(s) and rehabilitation (specific forms of psychological therapy) to beneficiaries. Therapists work with individuals or groups and may help beneficiaries make decisions and/ or clarify feelings by providing support and/ or guidance. For the purposes of licensing, this definition does not include Psychiatrists or Psychologists.
  4. Social worker
    A Professional who supports individuals, families or groups of people (including Children, the Elderly and People of Determination) with social problems, by conducting an assessment of their needs, causes and impact, and working with them and/ or their caregivers to identify, coordinate and manage appropriate solutions to enhance their personal, social, and economic competencies.
  5. Counsellor 
    A Social Care Professional who supports individuals or groups (couples, families or larger audiences) in identifying and/ or analyzing their mental health disorders or social conflicts and in assessing the need for treatment. This involves working collectively with them through conversational sessions to explore methods and solutions which can help them adapt or integrate into society or enhance their professional development, social and or personal well-being. 

DCD has developed the following standards and manuals in order to ensure that the social care services offered in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are provided by competent professionals. The standards have been developed in collaboration with the social care sector to establish the basis of safe and professional practice and to ensure ethical professional conduct and a high quality of service.

In order to apply for a license please click on the following link:

Standard for social care professionals

3 Jun 2020
Regulations & Procedures Manual

Social Care Licensing
3 Jun 2020
DCD Standards for Education & Practical Experience

Social Care Licensing
3 Jun 2020
DCD Social Care Professionals Code of Conduct & Ethics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Social Care Licensing
3 Jun 2020
DCD Standards for Continuing Professional Development

Social Care Licensing

Frequently asked questions

Who can request to apply for a social care professional licence?

Any social care professional residing in the UAE can request to apply for a social care licence to practice their profession in Abu Dhabi.

What different social care professions can I apply to get a license to practice from DCD and through TAMM?

You may apply for the following categories of social care professions:

  1. Psychologist (NON-CLINICAL)
  2. Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA)
  3. Psychotherapist
  4. Social worker
  5. Counsellor

How can I request to apply for a social care professional licence?

You can request to apply for a social care professional licence through TAMM website using your UAE Pass or SmartPass account if you are a UAE national/resident.

What is the process to apply a social care professional licence?

You can request to apply for a social care professional licence through TAMM using your UAE Pass or SmartPass account.

  1. Navigate to Digital Services > Department of Community Development (DCD).
  2. Click APPLY beside the Request to Issue a Social Care Professional Licence.
  3. Click START and fill the required information for your application. Submit the request.
  4. Await notification from DCD.

What documents do I need to submit in order to apply for a social care professional license?

  • Fill out the version of DCD licensing application form
  • Fill out the Introductory document form.
  • Copy of the first two pages of the applicants valid Passport
  • Copy of a valid residency visa (required for resident expatriates only)
  • Copy of a valid Emirates ID (required for residents)
  • Digital Copy of a passport sized coloured portrait photo (.jpeg format)
  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF or Microsoft Word format)
  • Copies of local or international Professional Licenses (if applicable)
  • Attested copy of each relevant Educational Degree o Legal translation of the degree certificates if issued in any language other than Arabic or English.o For degrees issued outside of the UAE, these are required to be equalized by the Ministry of Education, UAE.
  • Copy of Official Transcript (for each relevant university degree attained)o Legal translation of the Official Transcript if issued in any language other than Arabic or English.
  • 'Letter(s) of Experience' clarifying: job title, responsibilities and period of employment signed by employing facility's authorized signatory covering the past two years of experience
  • Local or International Police Clearance Certificate :-Local Police Clearance Certificate: if a resident of more than 6 months. The certificate must have been issued in the last 6 months.-International Police Clearance Certificate or equivalent from the competent authority in the country of residence and nationality, in the case the applicant is not a local resident or has been a resident for less than 6 months. The certificate must have been issued in the last 6 months.
  • Verification report of information and Experiences through Dataflow company.
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