The Department of Community Development, the regulatory body for the social sector in Abu Dhabi, showcased the various projects it has presented at the GITEX Technology Exhibition 2023.

The DCD is participating in the tech event under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Government, and in this year’s edition, it showcased pioneering projects aimed at enhancing the quality of services provided to various segments of society and strengthening the social sector system in Abu Dhabi.

His Excellency Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the DCD, HE Hamad Al Dhaheri, Under Secretary of DCD, and leaders from social sector in Abu Dhabi, visited the Abu Dhabi Government pavilion in GITEX.

His Excellency Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the DCD, emphasised the importance of GITEX Global 2023 as an annual platform that brings together local, regional and international entities to showcase the latest technological applications and programmes that drive development. The exhibition also reflects the prominent rank held by the UAE as a leader in the field of technology and digital transformation.

HE Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili said: “We live in a world that is witnessing rapid development in technology, artificial intelligence, and digitisation, and therefore we must leverage this development to improve the quality of life of society and provide the best services. From this standpoint, the Department of Community Development - responsible for the social sector in Abu Dhabi – strives to develop policies and create programmes and initiatives that facilitate societal access and meet its aspirations, ensuring a high standard of living for all members."

Al Khaili further emphasised Abu Dhabi’s ongoing efforts to drive digital transformation, encourage innovation, and harness technology to serve society and achieve Sustainable Development Goals. He also praised the significant participation of social sector entities in this year's GITEX Global 2023, showcasing nine innovative projects targeting various segments of society. This underscores the importance of benefiting from artificial intelligence technologies in the social sector, which revolves around providing a decent life for all its members.

Pioneering projects on the GITEX platform

DCD showcased innovative social projects, through which it aims to enhance the quality of life, develop services, and provide the best of them to all individuals and segments of Abu Dhabi society.

The DCD highlighted the Integrated Case Management Platform project, which establishes a unified framework for services across various aspects of the social sector in Abu Dhabi, therefore facilitating coordination across the sector.

The department also launched an efficiency and effectiveness programme for social sector entities. Through this project, the DCD aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes and make optimal use of the workforce, thus reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. The programme works to enhance the decision-making process based on the data provided by the system’s comprehensive monitoring dashboard, as it includes approximately 150 services provided by social sector entities.

The Social Radar Project was also showcased at GITEX Global 2023, which monitors and listens to the perception of Abu Dhabi society through all social media channels, including social networks, blogs, video sharing sites, Google searches, etc. The project focuses on identifying prominent social challenges in society and reporting them in order to make informed decisions and proactively solve challenges.

The Community Eye project is an interactive platform that anticipates and plans potential future developments, trends and challenges in the social sector. The platform provides a comprehensive look at the social challenges facing Abu Dhabi in the present and future and works on proactively planning and making decisions based on data and strategic preparedness to address these challenges.

Additionally, the DCD spotlighted the Decent Life Platform project, which is a portal that provides a comprehensive representation of the main quality of life indicators in Abu Dhabi. It can also analyse and identify trends, which gives a deeper understanding of the various aspects of life in the emirate in terms of housing, family income, wealth, jobs, etc., in addition to identifying and directing areas of interest and priorities towards providing a decent life for all residents of the emirate.

The department also presented the General Assembly Meeting Management System, which aims to raise the effectiveness and performance of General Assemblies by facilitating the holding of meetings easily and conveniently virtually without the need to come to the location of the gathering, reflecting the DCD’s endeavours to improve the quality of services provided to customers.

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