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The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi is organising the inaugural edition of the Social Care Forum, from October 2-3, in partnership with Deloitte Middle East .

It is being held under the slogan ‘To Enhance Innovation and Cooperation in the Field of Social Care’ and aims to discuss future and global trends in the provision of social care services. Additionally, it will explore strategies for nurturing and developing top talents in the social sector, and reveal innovative methods and various digital transformations in the field of social care services.

The forum will bring together a distinguished group of local and international thought leaders, policymakers, practitioners, service providers, and innovators to shape the future of social care. It aims to identify sector challenges, develop solutions, and exchange advanced global best practices, contributing to a sustainable quality of life and reinforcing Abu Dhabi leadership role in the social sector.

Keynote speeches by officials and leaders in the social sector will address various inspiring topics, while panel discussions will cover significant issues in social care, along with interactive workshops and case studies highlighting the latest innovations and accomplishments. There will also be an exhibition displaying the most influential works by social sector providers and innovators..

On this occasion, H.E Mubarak Salem Al Ameri, Executive Director of the Social Licensing & Control Sector at DCD, said: “Organising the Social Care Forum in Abu Dhabi comes as part of our efforts to strengthen and develop the social sector and the country, in line with our national vision and sustainable development goals. The forum brings together an elite group of experts, public and private sector service providers, policy makers and innovators from various sectors to exchange experiences and best practices in the field of social care. This forum will enhance awareness of sector-specific issues and discuss innovative solutions to address the challenges it faces.

Al Ameri added, “We expect the two-day forum to attract over 500 visitors, participants, and specialists, providing an opportunity for all concerned to shape the future of social care. Through our cooperation with Deloitte, we emphasise the importance of public and private sector collaboration in organising forums that achieve integration of roles to provide the best services to all members of our society.”

He stressed, “The forum is a starting point for further cooperation and innovation in the fields of social care, and to achieve our vision for a prosperous and sustainable future for all members of society. We are confident that the open and constructive dialogue that the forum will witness will lead to fruitful and positive results that benefit the entire community.”

The Executive Director of the Social Licensing & Control Sector highlighted the efforts made by the department to elevate the social care system in Abu Dhabi, through the establishment of the Department of Community Development in 2018.

The DCD collaborates with a wide range of partners to ensure the application of the highest international standards, particularly in the field of social care, and the provision of the best services to the Abu Dhabi community. In 2021, the DCD issued a decision regarding the standardisation of conditions for professionals working in providing social care services. Additionally, a capacity building programme was established in cooperation with the UAE University, from which 153 social care professionals graduated.

The DCD has worked on the issuing of 300 licenses for social care professionals in Abu Dhabi,  from 2020 until the first half of 2024, including 191 licenses issued to social workers, 95 licenses to psychologists, 10 licenses to family and marriage counsellors, one license to a psychotherapist and three licenses to applied behavioural analysts.

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