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The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi received 305 idea submissions during the second edition of the Wyakom initiative, a remarkable 161% increase in participants compared to the previous edition.

Wyakom is an innovative digital platform that aims to enhance community engagement and encourage them to propose innovative solutions to prominent social challenges. For the 2023 edition, which held in collaboration with Family Development Foundation, Wyakom invited the public to provide innovative solutions to challenges faced by the elderly across three main pillars: financial, social and emotional wellbeing.

In this regard, H.E Shaikha Alhosani, Executive Director of the Social Monitoring and Innovation Sector at DCD said: “The submissions received by Wyakom in its second edition reflect the keenness of community members to enhance the lives of the elderly and help them overcome social challenges. Through the platform, people have been provided the opportunity to actively participate in supporting the elderly through their innovative ideas and solutions.”

H.E Alhosani highlighted that the solutions shared were diverse in their presentation and content, and supported the promotion of a healthy, vibrant and safe standard of living for our elders, who have built the foundations of society through their hard work. She added that the increased participation in the second edition confirmed the importance of the Wyakom initiative as a platform that is from the community for the community. Its success also reflects the department’s commitment to listening to members of society, learning about their aspirations and needs, and ensuring consistent and effective communication with individuals.

She continued: “The department will announce a committee composed of social sector experts and specialists to evaluate all the solutions. In the coming days, the solutios will be evaluated and 10 of the best will be selected for the final stage according to several criteria, which include technical feasibility, financial feasibility, estimated time to implement a pilot project, problem-solution fit, relevance to the social sector, impact, innovation, and sustainability.

The winning solutions will be honoured and incentive rewards will be given to the top three in a ceremony organised by the department. Moreover, a practical plan will be created to implement the proposed solutions on the ground in cooperation with the relevant authorities from the government, private and third sectors in the emirate.

During the submission stage, the department organised several interactive workshops for participants, which included an explanation of the concept of social innovation, its methodologies, and application mechanisms. The participants also learned how to apply social innovation within the Wyakom initiative.

Furthermore, the workshops emphasised the significance of innovation in benefiting society by addressing people's needs and tackling challenges more efficiently. They also highlighted innovation’s role in enhancing adaptability and staying abreast of swift changes, ultimately leading to increased efficiency in the adoption of effective solutions.

For more information, please visit: https://wyakom.addcd.gov.ae/

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