Abu Dhabi

Coinciding with the International Day of Older Persons, DCD stresses the important role of the elderly citizens and residents in community development, and the importance of investing in their knowledge, experiences and skills that contributes in strengthening and developing the progressive system in various fields in the community.

On this international occasion, H.E Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili, DCD’s Chairman elaborated further to this occasion: “With the constant global changes and challenges, the wise leadership continues to support and care for the citizen and resident elders as they are the true treasure of this nation, as they are its treasure, legacy and history that brings back with benefit to the community.”

His Excellency continued: “The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated for everyone the great concern for the elderly group, their safety and physical and psychological health. According to the surveys conducted by the Department, H.E affirmed the results during the pandemic period, which have shown that 98% of the elderly’s lives have changed and 92% of the elderly have full confidence in the specialized authorities during the pandemic, while 89.7% of the elderly expressed their confidence in government health facilities. 70% of the community members expressed their desire to help the elderly during the pandemic and teach them how to shop on the Internet and deal with other daily needs.”

The social sector has been keen to support and enable them through providing services and consultations for them, which contributes to raising the quality of their lives, as they represent a fundamental pillar of the family and the community. The concern and care for them contributes in building a strong, cohesive and happy family, and in light of this we are working on preparing working on preparing a quality of family life strategy that is inclusive to senior citizens, to face and tackle the challenges with the specialized authorities.”

Her Excellency Dr. Bushra Al-Mulla, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector, indicated that the department is working on preparing the quality of family life strategy, which comes inclusive to senior citizens, which is in line with our aspirations in building a inclusive, cohesive and tolerant family to all segments of society.

Al Mulla continued, that the technical team for the strategy of quality of life of the elderly citizens held six group sessions focusing on seniors who are over the age of 60, to learn about their life challenges, and more than 100 documents were reviewed with 15 specialized authorities, and as a result of that, 17 social limitations were identified which will be addressed.

Al-Mulla added: "The elderly category is an important focus of our priorities, and we are working to study and analyze the current and future social challenges that affect the quality and stability of the family as a whole in addition to the challenges emanating from the family study survey, quality of life survey, and the life during Corona pandemic survey. Through this strategy, current policies and laws will be reviewed and new programs will be proposed that aim to support and enable the quality of family life.”

Al-Mulla affirmed: "Through the Senior Citizens Quality of Life strategy, an emphasis will be placed on the importance of activating the role of senior citizens in society, which will be implemented through a set of programs and initiatives, after studying and recommending them, which will contribute in raising the quality of life."

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