Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development – Abu Dhabi (DCD) in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee for COVID-19 Pandemic, has launched the ‘You Matter’ campaign, which is aimed at the worker population, to promote the importance of protecting their mental health by following public health recommendations and to boost their positive energy as important members of the community.

Designed in 8 languages, the campaign aims to reach the largest possible segment of workers in the residential complexes and neighbourhoods in which they live.  This campaign is being carried out, after the circumstances that the world went through and with the gradual return to normal life, in order to clarify the channels for receiving psychological support when needed.

The ‘You Matter’ campaign through psychologists provides a package of positive messages and psychological advice to workers, urging them to strengthen communication with family and friends, develop hobbies or learn new skills, as well as express gratitude or start using simple techniques such as writing down thoughts and feelings to help rid them of stress and negative thoughts.

The Department called on all workers in Abu Dhabi to seek help if they feel sad, anxious or have any feelings or thoughts of self-harm, by contacting the Hotline (800937292) to talk to trained responder who will work to provide psychological solutions and interventions to address the challenges they face in simplified scientific ways.

"The workers are an essential part of society, and we are working in parallel with the specialists in Abu Dhabi to identify their needs and provide what they lack to ensure their safety while they are in the workers' residences, and in response to our findings we launched the ‘You Matter’ campaign, which aims primarily to provide psychological support to workers," said H.E. Hamad Ali Al Dhaheri, Undersecretary of the Department of Community Development."

"Based on the results of the questionnaires we have conducted, and in partnership with the competent authorities, a number of workshops and lectures in different languages related to mental health have been designed to reduce anxiety or enhance a sense of security to ensure an ideal and healthy environment primarily for providing mental health for workers."

It also includes awareness campaigns and leaflets, along with the support initiatives through the provision of meals that have been ongoing since the beginning of the pandemic, and the cooperation of various actors in the social sector, most of the challenges have been overcome, and support is provided to ensure the continuity of workers' lives."

"We are keen to empower the needy and vulnerable by providing moral support and the basic needs such as food and other needs that they may lack during this time, to ensure decent life for all members of society, and to work together with government agencies, private sector companies and non-profit organizations to contribute to building a socially and economically sustainable nation," he said.

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