Shifting Perspectives to One that Supports the Rights of People of Determination 

The strategy aims to make the emirate of Abu Dhabi an inclusive and accessible city for People of Determination by shifting to a social disability perspective that supports their rights. This will be done through cooperation with partners in the public, private, and third sector to affirm that disability isn’t inherent in the individual with special needs, but is rather the result of environmental, behavioural, communicative, and institutional barriers that exist in society and individual POD encounters – all of which reinforce the concept of the right to live independently, the right for self-determination, and access to services and opportunities on an equal level with others.

We are committed to cooperating with more than 28 local and federal government agencies to implement the 30 initiatives set forth by this strategy in order to support People of Determination throughout all stages of life

Strategic Pillars and Initiatives

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